3D Block Chart – business graphics template

One file that gives you full fast control over everything!

I could have uploaded 30 different colors and bar/block amount variations… and sold them separately – like I see some sites try to do ;)… But… you’re in full control here with fast and easy sliders on the colors of the whole thing at once, OR individual bars OR groups of bars as you see in the pic above. You’re also in control of how many bars you show, what thickness, shadow or no shadow, cubewrap, lot’s of options here with simple photoshopping (no actions or fancy tricks).

All vector too so you can scale with lossless quality (want billboard size? no prob!).

Use this for anything – PowerPoint users will probably get the most out of this AND in-house marketing at corporate that have quick psd skills for fast presentations…

Identify which step YOUR business/team is at – plan out the goals for the next x steps, make one or two of the steps a different color/highlight/feature it… You can can visually tell many stories and or explain quick concepts fast!

*Full editable .psd Photoshop file – works with any version – no confusing licensing options.

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