*NEW – FREE 3D Box Photoshop Action!!

Ever wanted a really professional looking 3D software/packaging box to add to your branding elements?

This is it!

Simply create your front and side panel – drag both items into our blank canvas – line them up with our rulers we’ve set, and PRESS PLAY! In less than 30 seconds you’ll have a ready to go 3D photoshop box, complete with highlight layers, shadows, and a reflection on the bottom to add to the realistic positioning.

The box defaults facing right however flipping it is easy! Simply EDIT > FLIP HORIZONTAL on both panels after you drag them in, then PRESS PLAY, then flip horizontally again once complete and you have a left facing version :).

I’ve been using these boxes in pretty much all of my projects and it definitely helps you convert your products if you have top shelf virtual packaging. Not to mention you can simply increase the DPI to 300-600 (or whatever), convert to CMYK first, run it, and you’ll have print ready versions!

What’s included in the .zip:

One PSD file where you drag your front and side panel graphics into.

One .ATN file that you place into your photoshop actions folder (or ‘load’ the action from wherever you put it on your machine – I like to put them right into the photoshop>presets>photoshop actions folder so they always popup..).

You also get the front and side panel graphic images as .jpg’s so you can test/experiment with the file and action :).

Thank you and enjoy your new branding treatment.

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