3D Bullets Plugin – For Final Cut Pro X & Apple Motion 5


So Real Looking!

Need bullets for your footage?

This set of bullets was made internally for a music video (below) however I’ve decided to package them into a usable download for others to enjoy as well. Not hard to get that Matrix looking effect going, and it’s also easy to add motion blurs, smoke, and animate these to fit your scene perfectly.



**After you download the file, unzip it, and put the folder into Movies/Motion Templates/Generators/Norbz/. Then you’ll see it within your FCP Generators column.

(if you don’t have a ‘Motion Templates’ folder, create one within your home/movies directory (the one with the house icon), then create a folder called ‘Generators’ within that, and ‘Norbz’ within Generators – now put your downloaded folder in there).

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