3D Drum Machine for Final Cut Pro & Motion 5

Just me and my drums… (Free For Now) 🙂


UPDATE: Now comes with 3 versions, here is a new model:


3D Modelling in Motion 5 to create cool Final Cut Plugins is kinda my new thing. I’ve always loved 3D, and even though Motion 5 is limited with the amount of polygons/maths it will push (compared to things like Maya/Lightwave/3DStudioMax..) it’s still pretty damn amazing considering you can setup rigs and controls on top of creating anything you want.

While it’s untraditional, these are all built out with fonts instead of internal Motion 5 panels or elements they give you (which is odd, but I understand). This means you can re-apply different textures/materials and even remodel it a bit, or move lights around, or move the camera around and animate stuff for 10 seconds :).

* 2 versions, one is extremely CPU heavy due to all the labels and me trying to fuss with understanding how they affect shadows when in 3D vs 2D… at any rate, both – are – awesome! If your machine can’t handle the push, you can turn off the shadows and other elements to ease rendering.

* Use this for any project including commercially, only thing you CANNOT do is alter this and sell it as your own plugin.



**After you download the file, unzip it, and put the folder into Movies/Motion Templates/Generators/Norbz/. Then you’ll see it within your FCP Generators column.

(if you don’t have a ‘Motion Templates’ folder, create one within your home/movies directory (the one with the house icon), then create a folder called ‘Generators’ within that, and ‘Norbz’ within Generators – now put your downloaded folder in there).

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