Creating a 3D modern DVD case for your virtual packaging has never been easier!


Simply open the provided canvas, drag in your artwork onto the proper layer, and PRESS PLAY on our photoshop action.

That’s it – Beautiful 3D dvd packaging~!

You end up with 3 versions of your DVD case, a flat straight on view, a left facing view, and a right facing view. Simply drag these onto your other canvases or start combining them with our other assets to make creative out of this world BUY NOW areas or product feature/presentation sections on your site/catalog/shop/whatever!

What’s included in the .zip:


One PSD file where you drag your 8.5 x 11 artwork @72dpi graphics into.One .ATN file that you place into your photoshop actions folder (or ‘load’ the action from wherever you put it on your machine – I like to put them right into the photoshop>presets>photoshop actions folder so they always popup..).

One 8.5 x 11 .jpg for you to practice with if you have no artwork to try yet.


Use them for anything from websites, to print mockups (or actual cmyk print ready files – just convert image size of the canvas to 300dpi first).


It doesn’t matter if you’re a ClickBank vendor/affiliate doing a new launch/overhaul/versioning, or making your money on Amazon, Kindle doing ebooks/audiobooks, or running your own drop ship/whitelabel shopping site – these are going to HELP YOU CONVERT MORE SALES at the end of the day.

We all know that product packaging and presentation when pitching products or services is an extremely big part of the customer conversion process on and offline.

I personally have had the pleasure of thriving with many of my online businesses due in part to the branding treatments I put my stuff through…. .


.. .. . Though it’s not a ‘secret’, having an award winning designer on your team is going to get you a lot of points in biz – however finding/hiring/retaining said designers is hard because most are also on their own journey of trying to hit it big. .. .. right?

Me included – while I’m in a lul period and one of my projects gets a big facelift, I’ve decided to put a lot of my assets into automation mode and give other brand owners, startups, designers a big edge on their stuff by offering a lot of what I use to charge huge money for – branding – for next to nothin’!

You’re basically getting an award winning designer in a box that understands biz and has generated millions with his projects and while servicing others brands.

(I know what works best – only because I tried a LOT of what doesn’t work in order to eliminate it, my stuff converts like crack due to the powerful formula of my sales pages, shopping areas, offer rollouts/launches, and all of it is here for you now, for a fraction of the cost you pay if you hired me – which you can’t 🙂 ).




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