70+ Web Shadows, Dividers, Highlights

Cool shadows and highlights/dividers for your website!

You get over 70 different types of website shadows, dividers, highlights, and general wicked effects to add to your pages. Some of these are tiny tiles for easy minimal load/design, others are full width with great attention to detail so you get a very realistic looking effect. Going up, going down, horizontal, vertical, tiled minimal, full sized and detailed, we got you!!

NOTE: For those that don’t understand transparency, it means these are saved over no background, just the shadow pixels fading into nothing – so you can place them on top of any color, texture, background – and you’re good to go just like in our examples above (and below).

Add these to anything, the bottom of your images/pictures, section dividers in your scrolling areas, highlights for products, indent/outdent/embossed looks, variations in depth so the shadows look lighter vs darker depending on your background color…

You get a folder full of chopped .png’s ready to use, an HTML file with all components laid out on screen so you can copy/paste anything into your other files or preview fast – AND you get the photoshop file file you see above – layered and ready for you to pick from it for your custom needs :).

Let’s do a coupleFirst: a typical table:

Put some text, image, content here.
and place the shadow just below it:

Now you can adjust how thick/thin/long you want it:





You can also use the shadows as dividers (we give you dividers that are ‘made’ as dividers, but most shadows can be used too – add’s a cool effect for breaking your sections or even table layouts apart).

Notice how these almost look like they are glowing – nice effect for having one shadow  going up, the other going down, and your content in the middle.



Good for anything from websites, to powerpoint, to print campaigns, to newsletters/emails… anything!

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