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BUYTHTO You launching a ClickBank offer? YOU MUST SEE THIS.

Or you already have one maybe and it neeeeeeeds a facelift bad…

Been there!

Overhauled my own products and that of clients many times, and each time – both conversions and affiliate recruitment/retention improved!I decided to put together a rather robust template for you guys – all simple HTML/CSS/PSD.

No need for a CMS/wordpress/joomla/etc. (mind you –  you can convert to any of them easily too), and all easy to edit with mind blowing results that will fit any niche, product, or service.

Why did I do this?
The formula I’ve grown accustomed to, or should I say – the formula that I discovered customers tend to respond best to – is a rather standardized process at this point. Both marketers and the markets have kind of sync’d up and almost expect a certain flow now when it comes to that typical long scroll with emotional pulling triggers everywhere as they absorb the offer.. . . …

. . . … .. I know you know – re the importance of having a great sales page and front/back end, and I know you know that split testing is half the battle when it comes to improving conversions.


So this template allows you to quickly change up elements on the fly – double click images in an editor and replace them, highlight some text and replace it/change CSS quickly (without going into the CSS file or messing about in any backend, just choose a font style/effect from your classes dropdowns (in dreamweaver/frontpage/whatev’s).

Even though it’s aimed at a ‘launch’ – which ‘can’ come with 100’s assets, the main heart of this package is the sales page builder (errr it’s already built, let’s call it a ‘turbo-sales-booster’).

Just replace the pics with yours (product shots, CD’s, boxes, etc), replace the text with yours, add your buynow button links, and you’re good to go!We go one step further and give you a ‘thank you’ page (where your customers download the product(s) they bought) that is well crafted with placeholders for cross/upsells, and a few ‘wait!!’ upsell screens (that you use during the checkout process with clickbank – amazing for adding revenue potential with each customer), and it comes with our video optin landers for you to use during your premarketing (all of this comes with photoshop files too so you can get super targeted to your brands colors and treatments – or use one of ours 😉 ).

You can get A LOT of different feels from simply mixing and matching interface elements and CSS styles that we prepopulate. Or you can simply open one of the .html files that come with this, and start editing leaving all the elements alone not to get too fancy or colorful.

Bottom line – if you sell on ClickBank, or sell product online anywhere for that matter, as a vendor OR as an affiliate – you stand to earn AND learn a lot from this package. Whether it’s your first launch, or you just need to overhaul that old offer that seems to be generating sales again for some reason (or never did, and branding may have been why!).




85x11and5x5-cover-creator landing-page-video-2preview banner-generator
3D-sheet-generator 3D-dvd-disc-preview 3d-DVDcase-preview
landing-clickbank-preview badges_preview

That’s a lot of stuff!!



If you haven’t clicked the demo yet – do it – you’ll learn a lot just by absorbing the read..

This package is AWESOME!!




All Associated Pages – Sales page, thank you page, affiliate page!

Source Files – You get the whole photoshop file AND all ‘actions’.

Cover Front, sides, and CD/DVD Sources – Your branding, starts here.

Banner Set Generator – Top 5 sizes, tons of variety, make banners fast. Full Preview >

3D Screenies Photoshop Action – Creates 7 separate 3D elements! Full Preview >

‘DARK’ video landing page – Premium Theme for video, prelaunch, optin. Full Preview >

3D DVD/CD Case Photoshop Action – Modern & sleek packaging. Full Preview >

3D Product or software box Photoshop Action – Beautiful renders!!! Full Preview >

3D Disc Photoshop Action
– Creates 4 separate 3D views at once. Full Preview >

9 Beautiful VECTOR Badges Crafted To Perfection – Multipurpose. Full Preview >

60 Day Refund Policy – This is a ton of stuff, and it works, I hope you keep it!!

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