Be one of the FIRST to grab this

and get
grandfathered in for less than $500!

This place is going to constantly grow, becoming worth more and more as the hi-end marketing inventory grows.


Once we’re at xxx  items – this membership is going to change from a one time fee of $499 – to an upfront fee of $xxx.xx (not sure how much just yet) – then a recurring $xx.xx to $xxx.xx a month for all the stuff we keep adding…


When we do a custom branding treatment for a client (errrr, when we used to), minimum retainer was 10K and we’d aim for 25K if possible (better clients = smoother turnaround/results), and this would take approx a month or less.


So now, instead of designing for clients – I’m designing for the masses as if YOU were my client right now…


– with enough flexibility in the work I do – for you to fine-tune as needed for your brand.


Branding treatments can come with 1000’s of assets, and eventually that’s exactly what this place will have.


EVERY TYPE OF MARKETING you can think of that a tier-1 brand (or a new start-up) would need…

…from full blown cross platform/media treatments,

to stock audio collections royalty free on unlimited plays,

to video footage, to corporate identity packages, to 3D, to…

….well you get it.

I’m even taking requests like back in my D.J. days

(if I got it, I’ll play it, I may even create a photoshop action out of it, or a template for you to edit after..).


Watch this place grow fast re content, and keep in mind every piece is hand crafted, or has been taken from my vault of personal best work (and most lucrative/conversion mastered) from my past 20 years – and turned into something fully usable for your brand and biz 🙂


Once you pay – you can start downloading EVERYTHING – then simply come back every so often and you’ll see new stuff has been added – ready to grab in your ‘files’ area ;).


Consider me your secret weapon (people try to hire me often, I don’t take on the work) – I did client servicing for 12 years – and now (well for many years now) I enjoy a beautiful passive income with a few chart topping digital titles – probably much like you’re trying to do, or are doing).

Which is awesome for YOU.



1. You’re getting top shelf marketing dripped to you by an award winning powerhouse vendor that is in biz for himself right now (and not hunting for clients, heh),



2. Because it’s not (just) about the money for me, I haz some now…


The work you’ll find here is built with passion as if you did pay me the 25K I used to try to filter for in my RFQ’s… While I’m in my downtime, I still have a constant need for creative release – a real studio junky (and I love love LOVE what I do), so everything I do from now on that turns out great – is going to be YOURS to use, too :)…

… …From my beats/songs/keys, to my graphics, to my 3D, to photography, to whatever I create that is biz friendly (and sometimes not) or inspirational and likely to make you (even more) money too.

That’s what’s up!

Thanks for checking this out – if you’re in biz and can afford this $499 right now – it’ll save you $1000’s to $10,000’s over time, grab it, and enjoy being grandfathered into an elite boutique creative branding house.

welcome to the fam!

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