Sparkles Photoshop Action – Amazing Quality!


Simply GORGEOUS! This action generates particles, sparkles, orbs, glows, motion fx + more.

It does both in one go > applies amazing sparkle layers to any area you specify (by simply brushing in shapes/lines/etc on a layer over your photo/image layer) > then creates backups of each sized sparkle/particle so you can keep editing and adding more sparkles wherever needed.Here’s what else it does:


* Creates mask layers at different thicknesses of the the brushed in areas you made.

* Creates main sparkle layers that you can keep editing.

* Creates overlay effects sparkles that you can also manipulate, combine, hide (extra layers provided).

* Creates a background highlights group of the different subtle ambiance behind the sparkles.

* Creates overlay color adjustment layer for easy final touch ups.

* Creates different modes on various layers (aka hue, screen, lighten, overlay) for fine tuning.

* Creates extra particles on layers that are hidden by default, enable and experiment!

* Creates everything on top of your original image layer so you can remove/lighten any sparkle layer.




In your actions panel, there is a little drop down menu available top left – click it and choose ‘load action’ – now locate wherever it is on your machine and press enter.

STEP 1 – Canvas setup:


For best results, apply this to a canvas size of 72dpi – 2500pxl’s wide, by whatever aspect ratio high for your image (simply go to > IMAGE > IMAGE SIZE and put in 2500 for width while aspect ratio is locked)’.

So now you should have ONE background layer of your image (CTRL + SHIFT + E to flatten everything quickly first if you have to), set at 2500 wide. I designed this at that size so if you go too far outside of this size you’ll get oddly sized sparkles/effects (which, admittingly, gives some pretty great unexpected results too).

STEP 2 – Brush in your sparkle areas


Now create a new layer on top of your image background layer, and name it ‘brush’ < lower case, just like that.

On this layer, you’ll simply choose the brush tool, choose a thickness, a hardness, and start brushing in areas that you want to generate sparkles in.

It’s important to note that the transparency matters as well.

If you brush in with only 20-50% – you’ll get a subtle ambient effect, if you brush in thick areas with 0% hardness (a nice faded edge), you’ll get brighter and more prominent sparkles.

I tend to play around with brush thickness and transparency a few times per image – it kind of ‘always gets it right’, however you can get really great variation and a greater understanding of the results after you use it a few times.

A quick way to test is to simply brush in 4-6 sample spots at different thickness, strength, size, transparency, and you’ll see the effect of each. Now you can create a great ‘brush layer’ to begin to apply the effect!

STEP 3 – Play the Photoshop Action:

play-photoshtop-action-instChoose the ‘Quick-Sparkles!’ action – and press play (you can click the dropdown arrow and watch it at work while it plays).

That’s it!

The process may take up to a few minutes depending on your machine – once done you’ll have a few groups and layers in each with nicely named easy to edit folder sets.


Click image to see full size/quality (new window opens).


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