WUTLUT – FCP Video Grading Wizard Tool – No LUT’s – PSD controls


Have you spent a lot of time and money on LUT’s just to still have to apply a ton of post production corrections from color to contrast to final look/feel? Yeah me too…

I became fascinated by the LUT process as I discovered that they are all simply numerical calculations to display colors according to a spec. A.K.A. I can create a combination of edits to a photo in PHOTOSHOP like brightness, contrast, colors, levels, and save out that combination as a LUT… So what’s stopping me from building out a tool for Final Cut that does just what photoshop does without the need for a LUT utility and a bunch of overpriced marketing hype on other peoples callibrations (which are limited to ONE slider on each, which I understand but still it sucks having to apply all the extras on top of simply callibrating my basics, in a poor way most times I might add).

At any rate, the more I messed with creating this tool, the more it hit me that there are probably countless people out there that will benefit from this not just me, so I set out to make this publicly available and hopefully ease others woe’s in this LUT/S-LOG/Correction and Grading stratosphere…

…In the end, I ended up with pretty much my whole photoshop theory/practice/process with getting the best out of a photo, all compiled into a neat ONE PANEL set of tools good for any video out there be it from S-Log 2, 3, gamuts, cine, or just poor footage you want to maximize.

* Good with ANY camera footage, not meant for any specific Sony or Nikon or Fuji.

* Fix photos just as easily as videos, it’s the same process as photoshop after all.

* Stop trying to unify a look across all your footage with limiting or overly complicated processes.

* Get the most out of each clip, usually with less than 2-3 minutes of finetuning WUTLUT controls.

* ONE tool, no extras, no add-ons.

I was going to create a bunch of templates and ‘looks’ like all the other providers out there, and bloat up your effects panel just so you see my plugins more – lol – but naw, I’m giving you my MASTERFILE, where you can literally achieve any look you want (or any look that’s hot, trending, filmic, cinematic, flat…), or simply FIX/grade/color correct your footage like you do now but with less clicks and more flexibility in your final result.

Grab it, use it, and compare it to your ‘professional’ and expensive LUT set, tell me I’m crazy for making you think you don’t need all that, but in the end, you don’t :), I don’t, it’s all just another look from another eyeball on a good thumbnail graphic making you think your footage will POP right out of the box, it won’t and you know it.

PLEASE drop your feedback on this on the YouTube video and let’s have a debate about this grading and s-log lut stuff, I’m down to debate spec/LUT vs eyeball/knowing what looks good to the end user any day.



**After you download the file, unzip it, and put the folder into Movies/Motion Templates/Effects. Then you’ll see it within your FCP effects column.

(if you don’t have a ‘Motion Templates’ folder, create one within your home directory (the one with the house icon), then create a folder called ‘effects’ within that, and put your downloaded folder in there).

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