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I’d like to make this… . . 

UNboring – I’ve done a lot of corporate type write-ups/bio’s, but this is my personal house/site you’re in, and I’m not that corporate (I’m quite the creative nutter!).

Mind you, corporate LOVES ME – because I’ve made them lot’s of money and improved their image/positioning in the market/help beat competitors, etc..

however now you can’t hire me, instead – you get me in a box, errr in a site, and I’ve automated myself for you to some degree :).

Name: Norb Czufis.

: Business Badass? Creative Media Mogul Monster? Product launch/grow guru?


I’ve worn many hats over my years in business. OVER 20 YEARS now, first half doing client servicing for people just like you – lucrative business owners/startups/site owners, other studios/designers… From full blown branding treatments, to quick site startups, to flyers/print, to complex consulting and data mining and problem solving for over 700 clients.. (wow, I just wanted to start a lil’ design biz, what is all this ‘make you more money’ stuff?!).

Winning awards and having clients respect my media shop was awesome. However the second half of my career has been even more awesome!


No more clients, all in-house product launches until some of them blew up and took off on me (yay!) :).

Now I run a digital empire of sorts, a portfolio of winning websites and products that have gifted me with a beautiful life! Amazing passive income and a greased wheel of biz that is hard to replicate but I’m going to do my best for you.

While in my downtime – I’m still my studio junky self, always creating! Music, beats, designs, interfaces, photography, sales pages, copywriting, virtual product packaging…. BRANDING.

I’m ALWAYS creating something for my brands (and ok the odd time a 25K retainer will get me to do some client work where I respect the project and see room to take part long term not just service/consult and bounce anymore).

This downtime and creative release, is kinda why I started this place. I want to make a digital bathtub of all my best work, and offer it to people as templates and source files – so you CAN still kinda hire me, and get your team to fine tune the assets as needed.

Image that eh?

A dude that has generated millions online with his formulas, branding, understanding of digital markets, giving you his source files for like pennies on the dollar (just like back in my servicing days! lol)…

But now it’s to the masses – YOU get proven conversion mastered formulas to make more money/look better in the marketplace, and I get to have another in-house creative release that’s probably going to go big – and yet again this one is going to help a bunch of people and businesses (most of my sites are end consumer or b2b sites that clients love).

While I should have started this a good 10 years ago with my first few big hits/understanding of online biz, I’m confident this place is going to grow fast as I haven’t even dipped into my past folders of work yet (1000’s of assets), most of the stuff here now is stuff I’ve built just for this place while fleshing out my thinking of how best to give it all to you.

SO – welcome to my house and family, fellow biz pro 🙂

Enjoy the creative content, and don’t be shy to drop some comments, love, hate, or reach out if you’ve got something special I might like to see (that sounded kinda weird, keep it professional).
Oh – and if you’d like to get grandfathered into this place while it’s still fresh, access everything for life, and read a bit more about me – please check out the cool special I’m doing here >


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